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How Do You Execute 118 Events In 12 Days? 9/11/15 by Jeremy

With a ton of planning! I just needed to give a shout out to all of our staff who worked their tails off during the middle two weeks of August.

For the last couple years Florida Credit Union has been so kind to use us to serve breakfast or lunch to the surrounding elementary, middle & high schools in the area. This year was the most we have done yet.

In addition to those we had 3 weddings mixed in and several UF events. So needless to say there was a lot of room for error. Thanks to the planning of our new catering manager Crysta, we had all of the details mapped out. The store managers also executed the preparation flawlessly to get all of the food cooked and ready for all of the delivery drivers.

It was a long two weeks with not much time off but we always look forward to the challenge each year and this is a huge thanks to the Florida Credit Union and every member of the David’s team!

Kitchen Essentials 7/16/15 by Jeremy

There are a few ingredients that you must have a plentiful supply of if you want to continuously impress your dinner guests.

Salt & pepper. I know too much is frowned upon but this is one of the most important items you can cook with yet can be one of the trickiest. It took me a while to figure it out but honestly the right amount of salt & pepper is 50% of being a good cook so it is worth knowing.  I would recommend following recipes until you feel comfortable adjusting the salt levels on your own and do it slowly because you can’t take it out once it’s in.

Butter. Again, I know this can be frowned upon as well but when you go eat at a nice steak house you better believe they are running through a good amount of butter! It has so many applications it’s kind of hard to believe. From baking to sauces to sautéing to just adding it to a finished dish to give it that extra creaminess.

Stock. I love incorporating stocks to the food I cook, it adds so much flavor. It is as simple as using some vegetable or chicken stock when cooking rice or boiling potatoes instead of water (plus the right amount of salt & pepper and a little butter) that turns your rice into RICE!!! It can also serve as the base for many different sauces or even as a basting sauce when roasting or grilling.

Vinegar. I always have 3-4 different vinegars in the pantry. They are great for salad dressings, marinades, seasoning and sauces.  If you whisk in 3 parts of oil into 1 part vinegar with salt & pepper you will have a quick simple salad dressing. But add other ingredients like honey, lemon juice, garlic, fresh herbs, etc. and you can have a sophisticated medley of flavors that will surely impress your guests!

The Pasta Station 6/16/15 by Jeremy

Over the past couple years our food supplier host a food show over in St. Augustine. The last two times we went they started ordering catering for the entire group at the hotel instead of having everyone do their own thing.  Right in the middle of this buffet line was a pasta station with plenty of ingredients and a couple different types of pasta and sauces. There is always a line at this thing!

So Chris and I, (especially Chris), as caterers really wanted to sell one of these just because we saw how the guests loved the interaction so much. Well…..we finally got our chance!

Chris met with a young couple a few months ago that wanted their wedding reception to be a lot of different appetizer stations. After a few discussions it was decided the pasta station would be part of their event and it was awesome!

We had scratch made marinara and alfredo sauces, spinach, meatballs, onions and sun-dried tomatoes for options over penne pasta. Each order took about two minutes to make so their guests did not have to wait too long and we had 5 burners running so we never had too much of a line.

It was definitely a neat feature. Especially when you could hear guests walking by talking about good everything smelled. 

Empty Bowls 5/28/15 by Chris

Last week, David’s BBQ & Catering participated in an event for the Bread of the Mighty Food Bank called Empty Bowls.  We don’t usually advertise the charities that we participate in, but I really want to share how special Bread of the Mighty Food Bank is!  They are local to us in Gainesville.  They help to feed families that need a helping hand.  For every dollar they collect, $.97 of it goes back out into our community.  Also, for every dollar that is donated with their buying power it leads to 7 meals.  $1 = 7 Meals, that is awesome!  We have collection boxes at our locations that are marked to receive donations for such a great local charity.  If I have any cash on hand I try to drop a couple dollars in.  It is a great feeling knowing that $2 just provided 14 meals!

During this event, I learned that children are effected most by hunger.  A lot of children in our community go hungry through the weekends and don’t really get to eat until they return to school.  Also, the poor and homeless aren’t the only ones who are affected.  A lot of everyday hardworking folks pay their bills but don’t have enough money left to provide groceries for their families.  The food bank provides food for all the local food pantry’s that distribute the food to families.  It was awesome to see so many local businesses and active community citizens involved.  Chic-fil-A provided soup for the event, Gator Dominos, Florida Food Service, and many others including David’s were community sponsors.

Bread of the Mighty Food Bank has made an impact on me.  Jeremy made a visit to their facility and told me that one of the ladies who worked there said all kinds of people use their services.  She then pointed to the David’s BBQ logo on Jeremy’s shirt as she was speaking……..meaning that she has even seen some of our employees there.  Which really opened our eyes to how serious hunger is in our community.  After Jeremy’s visit, he set one up for me so I could see the place.  It is a great operation!  The entrance looks like a mini grocery store and the back is a warehouse with many dry goods.  Other than that they had walk in refrigeration to store cold products and produce.  I instantly noticed that the staff was extremely kind, sincere, and focused on a mission to help those in need.  The experience was extremely humbling, eye opening, motivating, and impactful.  I am proud that David’s participates in such a worthy cause and I can participate as well.  It is so easy to get caught up in our own day-to-day lives and problems that we encounter…but learning from the Bread of the Mighty Food Bank made me realize how lucky and fortunate I am.  It has also made me realize that I can help with just a few dollars that I probably won’t even miss.  There are people out there who don’t need a hand out, they need a helping hand.  Bread of the Mighty Food Bank is a special place!

A Little Piece of Paradise! 5/13/15 by Jeremy

Earlier this month we cooked on-site for a wedding out in Cedar Key and what a blast we had! Chris and I spent the day before prepping the food at 23rd Ave and headed out that Saturday nice and early to give ourselves plenty of time to cook everything.

Our GPS took us down a dirt road right as you get over the bridge heading into Cedar Key and we pulled onto this piece of property that was almost its own island. There was a huge two story house sitting on 3 acres surrounded by water, it was nice! The sun was shining, it wasn’t too hot, and we knew right away it was going to be a great day.

We settled in, lit the fire in the smoker and started unloading all of our equipment. We had several hours before the food needed to be ready and the rest of our crew was arriving so we knew we could take our time.  Of course we talked a good bit about work but it was a quiet and relaxing atmosphere that was a nice change of pace from the normal hustle & bustle we are used to.

The menu provided a feast for their guests, there was plenty of food.  We started out with several appetizers including my favorite, bacon wrapped, blue cheese stuffed dates. These are rich so only one or two will do but they are delicious. There was a brisket carving station and of course Chris worked his magic on some ribs and chickens. I even slid in a beautiful 6 pound filet of maple smoked salmon!

By then the rest of the crew had arrived and we had started to pack up the smoker. Chris and I made sure they were off to a good start for the rest of the night and that they had everything they needed. After a final double check we pulled out of there with the smoker and headed home. While it was a long day, it was a day of work that was thoroughly enjoyable. How can you have a bad day when you see a couple getting married by a pirate?!

What to Ask? 4/30/15 by Jeremy

For someone who has never hired a caterer before it can be intimidating finding the right one. I just wanted to share a few questions that we have received during some of our toughest interviews.

What separates you from other caterers?

This is probably the best one you can ask, if they know their business in and out they should have no problem answering this question. However, your decision should not solely be based on this question. Some people may not think on their feet well or have answered that question several times before so you should take that into consideration.

Do you have references?

Any credible caterer should be able to hand you at least 3 references that can speak highly of them. I would say the larger the event the more important these references can be.

How much food will you bring?

If you get a generic answer like “enough” you might want to keep looking. Now a caterer might not want to give away trade secrets but they should be able to give you a rough idea of how much they will be bringing. Just refer to my last post below titled “How Much” for the formulas we use.

What time will you arrive?

You can actually get a lot of good information from the answer to this question.  The closer the answer is to the event time the more you should be worried. If they plan to arrive 20 min before your event they might not be setting up a whole lot. For weddings and larger events we like to arrive at least 1.5 hours before the event which gives us plenty of time to setup the buffet and get any appetizers plated. We also like to be ready to serve 15 min before you want it ready to leave room for any unexpected obstacles.

I hope these few questions provide some insight on your next search for the right caterer. If you have any other questions you think should be on here just shoot me an email

Brides 4/10/15 by Chris

Over the last couple years my job has turned into being a wedding caterer and coordinator of sorts.  It has been quite a journey from the BBQ caterings we’ve always done to Prime Rib Carving Stations and Maple Infused Smoked Salmon style caterings we do now.  From simple disposable tablecloths and baskets to now using a base linen, with an overlay linen pinned up, and an accent linen on top.  From using a disposable 3-compartment plate with a packaged fork/knife kit to using fine china, stainless place settings, and linen napkins.  The growth has been fun to watch and even more fun to be part of!  The most special of it all…….is getting to be part of such a special day in the lives of many people.  The relationships I get to build with these brides is such an honor.  It is very rewarding in itself.  I love the fact that the brides I build these relationships with will drop me a text, message on Facebook, or an email after the wedding just to say hey or check on how I’m doing.  A unique and special friendship is formed.  Doing these weddings, meeting these great people and their families, and all the steps that lead up till the special day has become a passion of mine.  No two weddings are the same.  It is so important to me that I compliment their special day and add to their overall experience in the most positive way.  It’s funny to think that a man like myself…..big, burly, bearded, tattoos, manly beast of a man …lol….has a passion to meet with brides, discuss their wedding reception, discuss center pieces, linens, place settings, color schemes, design, and all the other details that could be thought of……..It is funny that this has become a true rewarding passion of mine.  I guess the sole purpose of this blog….is to say a big thank you!  To the brides I’ve met, got the honor to be their wedding caterer, and these great relationships that have been built to show me how much I love what I do……..I thank you for that!  Thank you for trusting me to do what I love doing!

How Much?? 3/23/15 by Jeremy

One of the most common questions we get as caterers is how much food should someone prepare/bring for an event. If you are not used to cooking for large groups it can be intimidating to think about.

The first step in determining how much food to bring is to ask a few questions about the event. What type of crowd will you be serving? The amount of food you will want to prepare is drastically different for a Sunday afternoon bridal shower compared to a high school athletic banquet. Those kids can eat!

What time of day is the event? Are your guests looking for a light lunch or will they be ravenous because the dinner starts just a few minutes after they normally eat? In our experience, people don’t typically eat as much for a lunch service as it has probably been just a couple hours since breakfast. Or they don’t want to get bogged down for the rest of the afternoon. Not to say there aren’t exceptions to that rule but most people will have a lighter lunch.

What’s on the menu? Are you serving your grandma’s secret recipe that you know everyone will love? Better make some extra. Or are you serving a big salad with lots of veggies? That might spread a little further. This is a tricky one though as sometimes we go to events with a set amount of salad and have a lot of leftovers. A week later we will go to an event of the same size and run out with the same amount. It really helps to know your crowd.

After you have some information about the event I always like to encourage people to just do the math! Let’s start with the entrée. If you are serving something by the piece, say a chicken breast. Then we use a multiple of your guest count. If that is the only entrée on the menu you may want to serve 1.5 pieces per person to allow for some guests to grab two but most will probably just grab one. So if you were serving 20 guests you would want to prepare 30 chicken breasts.

For chopped or sliced meats we like to use a ratio of 3 people per pound for dinner, 4 per pound for lunch or 5-6 per pound for sandwiches. So for our 20 guest count example that would be 6-7 pounds for dinner, 5 for lunch or about 4 for sandwiches.

For sides (starches, vegetables, etc.) we like to determine the quantity by volume because one portion of broccoli will weigh less than the same serving of our loaded mashed potatoes. So if we solely used weight we might end up with a lot of broccoli and not enough potatoes. 25 people per gallon has served us well over the years, it’s a little over a 5oz. portion. Continuing with our 20 guest count example one gallon of sides would be plenty.

If you have more than 2 sides, you can start to increase the number of expected guests per gallon. If you have 3 sides it may be more like 35-40 guests per gallon. Unless you have one that you know will be a hit. For example, when we do a BBQ catering with BBQ beans, mac and cheese and coleslaw. We know we only get about 15-20 people per gallon on the mac while the beans and slaw spread much further.

Other items to consider are beverages, 10-15 people per gallon and bread, 1.5 pieces per person. We never like to run out of food! And we pretty much stick to these recipes which have served us well. If you think about it, using the dinner sized entrée portion (about 5-6 oz.) plus two sides, bread, maybe some salad, you should be over 1 pound of food at this point. Which is a big plate for most people.

If after reading this you still need some help just shoot me an email and I would be glad to help!

BBQ Pot Roast 2/13/15 by Jeremy

All of this cold weather has got me carving a warm hearty meal! We have also had several tastings with wedding clients for our red wine braised pot roast so I figured I would share a post to help you do your own at the house!

I like doing these pot roast because you can make the cheaper/tougher cuts of meat turn into a magical dinner to impress your friends or family. If you are using a braising liquid you can cook the roast either on the stove top or in the oven. For this recipe we will use the oven or a slow cooker.

Start with a 2- 4 pound chuck roast. Place it in a hot pot or Dutch oven and brown on both sides for 3-4 minutes. After you have browned both sides nicely pour your favorite bottle (or two depending on size of your roast) of BBQ sauce over the roast. Make sure to carefully lift it to allow some of the sauce to get underneath it. Now put the lid on and place it in a 300º oven for 2.5-3 hours or until it is fork tender.  Remember from My Trusty Thermometer video a good internal temperature for tenderness is 185-200º. If you are using a slow cooker simply transfer the browned roast into it and turn it on low for 8-10 hours. Did I mention how easy this was? Just have to have a little patience!

When it’s done it may not carve well depending on how tender you cooked it but I’m sure your guests won’t mind when it melts in their mouth! Serve with your favorite accompaniments and enjoy!

New Year 1/13/15 by Jeremy

It is hard to believe it is already 2015! Time sure does fly when you are having fun.

2014 was a good year down at the pit we had some exciting things happen both at the stores and on the catering end.  We were lucky to find some great new employees and I must say we have one of the best crews working right now for us that we have had in a while.

On the catering side we started of the year with our one of our first bigger nicer wedding setups with my sister-in-law Tiffany.  We set all the tables with nice linens, real china, flatware, glassware. The buffet had all kinds of décor with wine bottles and babies breathe.  At the time it was by far our nicest setup that we had done. It was a great opportunity that she trusted us with her wedding and it really showed us what we were capable of.  Well, as the year went on, Chris really developed a knack for buffet design.  It seemed like each wedding we did was better than the last to the point where I don’t even want to show Tiffany what we are doing now!

We are not setting too many resolutions this year so that we can just focus on being successful with a couple. But we have a couple things we are excited to deliver to all of our customers, in the dining room and catering.  We also enjoy all of the feedback we get with Facebook or email so please let us know what you think of everything.  Your comments and opinions really do shape our decisions.

Here’s to a great 2015!

'Tis The Season 12/16/14 by Jeremy

The holiday spirit is in full swing half way through December and we are in the spirit of giving down at the Pit!

Over the past couple years we have partnering with the Bread of the Mighty Food Bank because I feel like we have a responsibility to give back to our community that has supported us over the years. If you have ever visited their facility you will quickly realize why we chose this organization to work with for most of our charitable work.

Their staff work tirelessly and turnover thousands upon thousands of pounds of food to get it out to the surrounding communities. Selfless, dedicated and passionate are just a few words that I would use to describe the folks over at the food bank. 

Every august for the last couple years we have donated a portion of our sales from our customer appreciation day. We also started a yearlong collection program at the stores so that we can continue to increase the support we give them. Can you believe $1 can provide seven meals? The purchasing power they have is incredible.

We even are running a promotion with our kids club this month to help them out even more. While this year will be by far the most we have given I know there is more we can do and I hope next year to be able to give even more.

This holiday season remember the reward you will get from giving, if you are able to, is far greater than any gift you might receive.

Holiday Meals 11/10/14 by Chris

It’s Turkey Time!  Take a break from the kitchen this year and enjoy your time with those that matter the most!  For many years now David’s Real Pit BBQ & Catering has been smoking Whole Turkeys, Holiday Hams, and Sliced Turkey Breast!  Also, we make all the traditional side orders like Cornbread Stuffing, Sweet Potato Casserole, Green Beans, Turkey Gravy, and David’s popular loaded mashed Potato Casserole!  Of course we have our homemade corn muffins and King’s Sweet Hawaiian Rolls as well!  This year we are excited to announce that Amy, our certified pastry chef and resident baker will be making homemade pies for the season.  So have David’s smoke a Turkey for you!  Or even better have David’s Real Pit BBQ & Catering take care of the whole meal!  Pre-order your meal today!

The Holiday Meals include;

10-12 lb Smoked Turkey or 5 lbs. of Ham

Qt. of Turkey Gravy

3- ½ gallon size side orders

A Homemade Holiday Pie

A Gallon of Sweet Tea

A Dozen Kings Sweet Hawaiian Rolls or Cornbread Muffins

All for just $119.99

Think of the time you will save! Not having to stand in the grocery line and not a full day in the kitchen.  Leave that work for us.  You can always add additional pounds of ham, sliced turkey breast, or fried turkey breast for $10.99 a pound or additional side orders.  Call your “Catering Connection” for pre-orders 352-373-2002 option3.  Thank you for being part of the David’s BBQ Family and enjoy the time with your family!

Sloooowwww, Then Fast 10/8/14 by Jeremy

Ok so everyone is familiar with the ‘slow and low’ term that most people refer to when they are barbequing. Which is great for cuts like ribs, brisket and pork shoulder that have a lots of fat and connective tissue where you need to get the internal temperature between 187-203º without scorching the outside.  On those thicker cuts it could take over 12 hours which is plenty of time to allow some carmelization and crust to form. But what if you are cooking something that’s not quit as thick as prime rib and not quite as thin as a chicken breast (which you would use high heat and cook quickly), say and thick cut steak?

Here we get into cooking the inside of the meat separately from the outside. It might take a little more time but it is well worth the wait.  To do this you will need to cook your meat slowly in an indirect heat zone like an oven or cold side of your grill. The second part will be to sear your meat over high direct heat. 

You will want to pre-heat whatever you are using for the in-direct portion of your cook to about 250º whether it is the oven or the cold side of your grill.  For your direct heat portion of the cook, right over the coals/gas burner/broiler you will want to get that up to anywhere between 400-600º so you get a nice sear on your meat. 

Continuing with our example of a thick steak go ahead and season it while your cooking devices are pre-heating so it has 15-20 minutes to marinate. If it is a really nice cut like a rib eye a little bit of oil, salt & pepper will do just fine!

When you are ready to cook you have a critical decision to make….sear first or sear last? There is a slight trade off here. If you like a really nice crust then you should sear first.  If you are more concerned that the meat be as tender as possible then you should sear last. There is no right or wrong, it just depends on your tastes!

If you decide to sear first go ahead and place your steak right over your coals or underneath your broiler whichever device you are using.  Let each side go for 3-5 minutes until you get the desired sear you would like. Once our sear is achieved go ahead and slide the steak to the cold side and let it sit there until it reaches your desired temperature. I like 130-135º for medium rare. This method will provide a nice cruse and still have a good amount of tender meat, especially toward the center.

If you want to sear second, place you steak in the 250º oven or cold side of the grill until it reaches about 115-120º. Once you hit this temperature slide it right over your hot coals or under the broiler and let this go for a couple minutes on each side you get a nice brown on both sides and you reach your desired internal temperature.

Whichever route you go with try and let your meat rest for 5-10 minutes before you cut into. Easier said than done! Give these a try and let me know how they turn out! You can also see more info about using a thermometer here.

Simple Brine 9/17/14 by Jeremy

We recently started selling smoked chicken wings at the stores so I thought this would be a good topic to write about.  Before we smoke them in the pit we soak them in a brine for a couple hours.  This add some moisture and flavor back into the wings so after they are smoked and then fried, they do not dry out. They also taste delicious!

We start by dissolving some chicken base seasoning and salt in hot water. Once dissolved let the brine cool back down to room temperature and pour over the wings. We then put the covered container back in refrigeration for about 3 hours.

We then pull the wings out and rinse with cold water then they are ready to season and cook how you prefer! This is a simple process but the extra step really is worth it. It just takes a little time.

The basic recipe for a brine is 1 cup of salt per gallon of water (I know that sounds like a lot but it’s only about a tablespoon per cup). From there you can add all kinds of different seasonings, herbs, vinegars, sweeteners, juices, etc. to add flavor to your meat. What type of meat you have will determine how long you will soak in the brine so make sure to look that up first otherwise it could wind up tasting salty.

Give this a try the next time you want to impress your dinner guests and let me know how it turns out! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and keep your eyes peeled for a video on this topic.

Until next time!

Gift Cards, Rewards Cards, & Email Club 8/20/14 by Chris

Did you know that David’s BBQ has gift cards?  It is true!  So if you are looking for the perfect gift for somebody for any occasion, then why not get them the gift of slow cooked, served fast BBQ!….from your hometown BBQ authority!!  Also, with Christmas and the holiday season rapidly approaching the awesome gift of a David’s BBQ gift card would be perfect.  Or you can even treat yourself!  We sell our gift cards at both of our smokin’ locations, everyday!  They can be used on any of our delicious items……tender ribs, delicious pulled pork, slow smoked sliced turkey breast, sweet tea infused brisket…..meal deals, family packs, dinner specials, any of our 5 original house recipe BBQ sauces, or just to get a large brewed fresh ice cold sweet tea……”Don’t forget the sweet tea, gotta have that!”.  Gift cards for any occasion! .....birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, holidays, or just because!  Available anytime, for you!

Are you a loyal fan, frequent guest, or someone looking for rewards for your patronage?  Then you need to get your free reward card!  Just sign up with one of our friendly cashiers at either one of our locations!  When you sign up you will receive your rewards card instantly!  Once you get your card, you bring it with you whenever you visit any of our fallin’ off the bone establishments!  You will be able to gain points for every $5 spent.  As you gain points, you can redeem them for delicious free menu items!  When you are ready to redeem, you can get an ice cold fountain drink or locally famous sweet tea for only 1 point, 5 points will get you an appetizing side order or a mouthwatering dessert.  10 points can be redeemed for a tender BBQ sandwich of your choice!  15 points will get you any one of our pleasing meal deals! Want a free dinner plate? ....all you need is 20 points!  If you’re the type of person who likes to save those points up, you can even get enjoyable BBQ for a group with one of our popular family packages! Be sure to get your rewards card with your next visit!

Are you signed up for our email club?  If not, sign up!  You will receive $5 off your next purchase just for signing up.  Also, you will be the first to know about limited time offers, specials, deals, the menu on the monthly Prime Rib Buffet, and you can sign up for a free meal for your birthday or Anniversary!  The email club is a great way to stay in the loop with what’s going on at the PIT!  Sign up and join the club!

Sauce Boss 8/6/14 by Chris

If you are anything like me you love condiments, especially BBQ Sauce!  Maybe this is why we have 5 BBQ Sauces at David’s.  It is a great way to pay homage to different BBQ regions as well as cater to different taste our customers have.  Of course we have our “Original” sauce that compliments any of our meat selections.  The most popular “Sweet” sauce and our unique just right “Hot” sauce, which isn’t too hot but hot enough. It has a great flavor other than just heat.  Then there are my 2 favorite sauces, The “Gold” Mustard sauce and the “Carolina Vinegar” sauce (probably because I’m the creator of these sauces).  Both of these sauces are influenced by my birth state of South Carolina….even though I consider myself a Floridian!

I’m going to pass to you an easy way to make your own BBQ sauce.  Impress your friends, family, and yourself with the blends you develop.  If you would like a visual of this method please check out our David’s BBQ Video on Facebook, Tails from the Pit; Boss with the Sauce Episode (The other episodes offer other awesome BBQ tips), while you are there click the “Like” button!  Also, don’t forget our email club to stay updated with videos, blogs, specials, coupons, and limited time offers.  We have a birthday club (free meal), an anniversary club, and coming soon a Kid’s Club unlike any other in our area!

Now, back to the sauce!!

(Your Base) 4 Cups Ketchup + 1 Cup Sweet + 1 Cup Sour + ¼ Cup Liquid Accent + ¼ Cup Seasoning =Your Authentic BBQ Sauce!

Your Sweet ingredient could be Molasses, Brown Sugar, Agave Nectar, Light Corn Syrup, Honey, Palm Sugar, Maple Syrup, Sweet Coconut Milk, etc…

Your Sour ingredient could be White Vinegar, Red Wine Vinegar, Apple Cider Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Pineapple Juice, etc…

Your Liquid Accent could be Bourbon, Soy Sauce, Worcestershire, Spirits/ Liqueurs, Coffee, Tea, Fruit Juice, Hot Sauce, Mustard, Soda, Broths, Heinz 57, etc….

Your Seasoning  ingredient could be Horseradish, Chili Powder, Seasoning Salt, Garlic Powder, Cumin, Paprika, Black Pepper, Jerk Seasoning, Cajun Seasoning, Cayenne, Ginger, Siracha, Lemon Zest, Crushed Red Pepper, Cilantro, Sautéed Onions, etc..

Have fun! Find your own unique blend!.....and if it’s awesome, bring some by for me to try!!!

Mango Mint Tea 7/14/14 by Chris

Brian’s most famous catch phrase!  It is crazy how much sweet tea we go through!!  As one of our long term regulars, Bob Smith refers to it as, “The House Wine of the South”!  On an average day at our David’s Real Pit BBQ locations we go through more than 100 gallons of Sweet Tea!  With these hot summer months and beautiful weather that we’ve come to love in Gainesville we sometimes go through even more!  We have many regulars that come in 3-4 times a day for our sweet tea, sometimes I have to remind them that we have BBQ too!  I’ve been working for David’s now for 18+ years so I’ve had a bunch of sweet tea.  Believe it or not, I sometimes get tired of it...I know, crazy!  So, I get creative…..well actually this is Jeremy’s recipe so I can’t take credit for it, although I would if I knew that he wouldn’t read this.  I take a gallon of David’s BBQ famous sweet tea, mix it with 32oz. of mango puree.  Then I squeeze in some juice from a couple of limes…If I’m getting real crazy I cut up some limes and put those in too!  Then I take some fresh mint and throw that in the mix.  Lastly, I mix it all together and let it sit overnight in the fridge…if I can wait that long.  When I do it is totally worth it because the lime and the mint really set in.  We simply call this drink, Mango Mint Tea!  It is a great summer time drink! Crisp, Refreshing, and really good!  It is easy to make.  Also, we’ve done this tea on many caterings and special events…So, the next time you book a catering think about giving the Mango Mint Tea a try!  Of course we always have plenty of the original.  Come by, say hey! Grab a sandwich and of course, don’t forget the sweet tea!!!...Gotta Have That!

Prime Rib Buffet 7/3/14 by Chris

The last Friday of every month since January 2014 we have been doing our all-you-can-eat Prime Rib Buffet.  We rotate other entrees and side items to cross promote some of our non-BBQ catering items.  We have done our popular Loaded Mashed Potato Casserole with cream cheese, sour cream, plenty of shredded cheddar cheese, chives, and of course BACON!!! Usually we feature a chicken dish, a salad, some form of vegetable, bread, and dessert.  The last buffet we did was a “Reggae Summer” themed buffet.  Of course we had our Prime Rib…..100+lbs of it…lol….which we always have very little if any left over.  We also had some other fun entrees such as Curry Chicken and Tangy Jerk Chicken Wings!  For side items we featured an authentic Pigeon Peas n Rice, Cabbage, Plantains, and a Caribbean Style Oven-baked Macaroni & Cheese, which was a big hit!  The month before, we did an “Italian” themed Prime Rib Buffet featuring Chicken Masala, Pasta, & Caesar Salad.  We really enjoy these buffets, it gives us a fun opportunity to display our cooking talents and our decorating skills.  No two buffets are the same, each one has had different items, different décor, and a different set-up keeping our regulars excited about what’s next and keeping us creative.  The only item remaining the same is of course the star of the show…..The Prime Rib, and at only $14.99(all-you-can-eat)… is quickly becoming a very popular favorite!  We’ve recently added a great pastry chef to our team, Amy Casaletto.  So now the buffet is featuring homemade fresh desserts...and they are beyond yummy!  So, if you’re a Prime Rib lover, a David’s BBQ fan wanting to try something different, or someone who is curious about a catering…you have to come on down to David’s Real Pit BBQ, (NW Location) 5121 NW 39th AVE, on the last Friday of the month for our soon to be famous Prime Rib Buffet!  Join our Facebook page or come on down to one of our locations to find out what’s going to be on the next buffet.  We also have an email club that provides that info, as well as coupons, specials, and limited time offers!  Can’t wait to see you at the next one!

One of Chris' setups for the Prime Rib Buffet

2014 Trends 6/12/14 by Jeremy

I just came across an article (I read a lot!) about some trends happening this year and I was excited to see that we were already ahead of the curve!

One of the items were breakfast foods. Back in January we did my sister-in-law’s wedding (no pressure) and for one of the appetizers we did mini-chicken & waffles.  We placed some all-white meat chicken tenders on top of homemade waffles with a slice of strawberry, strip of basil and drizzled honey over it. They didn’t last long to say the least!

Another trend were vegan items. For those of you who are familiar with our 23rd location, you most likely know our manager, Jim, over there is a 15+ year vegan. We also had the opportunity of catering for his wedding last month. We had all kinds of vegan goodies: Cesar salad, lasagna, stuffed mushrooms as well as a vegan version of our loaded mashed potato casserole. Based on some of the feedback I think a few people might have ate the lasagna not knowing it was vegan!

The last thing that that caught my attention was a meatball bar. While we haven’t actually setup a meatball bar, we have done plenty of meatball appetizers this year (including vegan!) My favorite are the teriyaki glazed ones that we do that are garnished with green onion and sesame seed.  Some other popular choices are smoked BBQ, classic marinara, and garlic & herb.

Best  Burger 5/25/14 by Jeremy

It's grilling season so I thought I would share with you how I prefer to enjoy my burgers! I like to keep it simple so that the natural beef flavor comes out.

Start with a pound of 80% lean ground chuck in a mixing bowl. Simply season with salt & pepper. I like to use about a teaspoon of salt per pound of meat and about half of that for pepper. Mix well and divide into 4 equal portions. Form each portion into a patty with your own desired thickness, I like 3/4 inch.

Pre-heat your grill so that it is HOT! This allows you to get some nice grill marks on the burger without overcooking it. Brush a little canola oil on each side and place the patties on the grill for about 4 minutes on each side for medium rare. If using cheese add during the last minute of cooking.

Serve these on butter toasted buns with your favorite toppings and I promise they won't last long! I hope this recipe works well for you, happy grilling! 

Memorial Day 5/7/14 by Jeremy

Memorial Day is quickly approaching! How this year is flying by. Whether you go out or cook at home to remember our fallen soldiers Memorial Day weekend is a great way to kick off the summer grilling season. Throw on some burgers and dogs….maybe some fireworks…a cold beverage, that sounds great!

If the weather continues I’m sure it will be a beautiful weekend and probably hot enough to find some water to cool off in.  If you ever want to throw a party and not have to do all of the work give us a call and we can bring out a smoker like the one below. The smoker provides a great experience for your guests and you get to enjoy your BBQ as soon as it comes off the grill!

Cooking on site for a UF event

Tiffany & Tom Beers by Jeremy 4-22-14

Chris' buffet setup

Back in January Chris got to test out his setup/buffet design skills for the Beers' wedding catering at the Plantation Hall in the Haile Village Center.  I would say his exploding bread basket was my favorite but I think he would argue for the baby’s breath.

The Plantation Hall is a great venue if you can keep your guest count down to about 100 people or less.  It is more a less one large room with a couple entrance ways but there is a stage to set the DJ and plenty of room for a dance floor!

This wedding was a great event for us because it allowed us to showcase a lot things that we are capable of that a lot people might not expect from a BBQ joint. From the prime rib carving station to the maple smoked salmon the food was well received. My favorite part though, were the appetizers. We had mini chicken & waffles, mini gyros and Cuban eggrolls!

This party went late into the evening but they were a blast to work with!


Lakeside Ranch by Jeremy 4-15-14

Wedding ceremony in front of the lake

This venue is just a short drive from Gainesville and is well worth it! The picture above is the ceremony from a wedding catering we did out there last weekend. It was right in front of the lake and the weather was perfect!

In addition to the lake it has two large pavillions and their own BBQ pit! 

This is the pavillion where dinner service was held

We roasted a whole pig for this wedding...120 pounds of succulent pork right on the dinner buffet! A whole pig might turn some guests off but at this wedding it was a hit!