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Need a Catering Quote?

David's Real Pit BBQ Management Team


Brian Hood, Owner

Brian has owned and operated David’s since 1988. You may not see the Boss Hog in the store has much as you used to but he still very much involved in the business.

 Jeremy Hood, CPA, PresidentThis is the "accountant" Jeremy

After growing up in the restaurant Jeremy got his degree in accounting. After a brief stint in public accounting he made his way back to the company and finds himself as the President.

 Chris Shindle, Catering & Operations Manager This is our operations manager Chris

Chris has been with us since 1996! After years of hard work and dedication Chris worked himself into this position and now oversees the operation of both stores.


Justin Chesser, Multi Unit Manager

This is our Multi Unit Manager Justin

Justin has been with us since his high school days. After college he came back full time where he has shown the capabilities to oversee both stores.

Jim Bruce, East Store Manager

This is our west store manager Jim

Jim started working with us while attending school at UF. Luckily for us he decided to stick with us and is now the Manager of our NW 39th Ave. location.


Denetrial Smith, West Assistant ManagerThis is our west store assistant store manager Denetrial

This rising star has only been with us for a short period of time but handles everything we throw at him. He is quickly climbing the ranks at our NW 39th Ave location.


Alicia Shindle, East Store ManagerThis is our East store manager Alicia

Alicia is also a UF graduate like Jim and has been a loyal employee for many years. She now runs the show at our East location.