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This is our new sweet tea brisket sandwich
We have cooked brisket before down at the pit but it has never been anything to get excited about. It is a tough cut of meat and requires a good bit of patience.  Obviously, there is a way to do it right since it is such a staple in other BBQ regions like Texas and Kansas City. We just had to find a way that works for us.
After a few months of testing we are finally ready to share with you what we came up with...First we rub whole Angus briskets with a generous coating of brown sugar and our rib rub.  It then goes in the pit for a few hours to get a nice smoke ring. After that, we cover it with our famous sweet tea and braise it in the oven for several more hours. We then have to cool it in the liquid before we slice it because it gets so tender it would fall apart if we tried!
This brisket even has it's own sauce! We take all of the sweet tea jus (juice) that the brisket cooked in and reduce it down so all of the flavor is concentrated and it caramelizes on the beef when we heat it back up.
It is definitely not your traditional brisket but hopefully you won't mind once you try some! Try it sliced or our own version of a KC burnt end. We will also be serving the sandwiches with sharp cheddar and a new David's White sauce (creamy and tangy). Hope you enjoy!!